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Rather than making this blog entirely reviews to compliment videos, I wanted to bring a bit more inspiration to it and have it be more of a snapshot of what my week looks like. Also, it’s most likely going to be a blog trend, where these posts will be exclusively film photos to really capture things as they were.

If we’re diving deep, transitioning into full time work has been a bit of a challenge. Gone are the days where I’m running between uni, teaching, content creation and internships and hello to more routine. But it’s definitely not stopped me from trying new cafes, doing new walks, exploring new places and making the most of my downtime.

This was a weekend with my partner exploring the trendy Sydney suburb of Paddington. I went to a lovely little French bakery for an iced coffee and sat beneath the sun enjoying the warmer weather we’ve been seeing in Sydney.

To break up the routine, I went to the gardens after work and spotted flowers in full bloom. Walked around the touristy part of Sydney and enjoyed seeing the iconic Opera House and Harbour Bridge at sun down.

Here’s a snapshot of one of my favourite coffee and cake places. You can grab your coffee and cake and choose to sit outside under the sun to enjoy the sunshine. Thinking about spending more weekends here and doing some work in this gorgeous surrounding. Wished I had known about this place earlier as I’m always looking for good cafes to read/write/plan in.

On the following Saturday, I took a girlfriend out to Paddo Inn for a long lunch with bottomless rose. It was amazing to experience some new dining options. I wore my very trusty Grana silk dress and some strap sandals from Everlane.

To end things, I spent Sunday with family at brunch and enjoyed a peaceful day before the working week started again.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s update. Let me know in the comment section of the video what you would like to see more of. I have a few fashion videos coming soon including some Sezane content.

Stay tuned! x

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Sarah Winton
4 years ago

Beautiful photos!