Review: Why Everlane’s Slim Silk Shirt



Everlane silk, especially their silk shirts, is perhaps one of the reasons I fell in love with the brand and the first thing I ever purchased. The Everlane Slim Silk shirt is an absolute joy to wear and is very flattering to tuck into both casual and business outfits alike. Here’s a review after a few months of wearing it.

Silk material

I really like the silk material and it’s sueded rather than that satin material. It’s a fairly strong and heavy weight silk that’s not sheer or delicate. It really reminds me of the equipment silk blouses and I’ve seen many comparisons as well on other blogs and videos. It’s slightly thinner (which is to be expected with the price difference) but lovely nonetheless. There is one fault I can find which is that with wear, sometimes you develop white lines where you ‘sweat’ or get water on it. It’s really strange and not that practical because it is silk and you need to get it dry-cleaned.

I like that it’s fairly wrinkle resistant. Occasionally when I’ve left it somewhere folded in odd ways, it hasn’t creased too badly which I can appreciate. I despise shirts that crinkle too much as it’s just high maintenance and too much work to keep ironing. For the price ($78 USD) I have to say it’s brilliant. I’ve come across polyester shirts that sell for about the same price in department stores and are no where near as luxurious in fabric or in terms of longevity and how it wears. LOVE LOVE LOVE their silk.

Sizing and Fit

Everlane sizing is always a bit bigger (or in some cases a lot). So I’ll definitely size down if you were thinking about picking one up. I got the XXS and I’m normally a US size 2, a AU size 6 and XS. It fits perfectly and I like the slim fit of this blouse. So many blouses are so cumbersome to tuck in as there is a lot of excess materials. This is perfect if you normally tuck your shirts into everything- like me.

The design of the shirt is super simple with a pointed collar and small black buttons running down it. There’s no pocket like the equipment silk blouses and it’s also not super long. On me (160cm, 5’3), it hits just at the hip untucked.

How I style the shirt

As you can see, I’ve paired it with dressier skirts and denim alike. It’s definitely a core piece in my wardrobe and one I reach for again and again in the week. The white skirt is from lover, an Australian label and the jeans are the south jeans from Acne Studios.

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