Salt at Shoal Bay | Luxury Beachside Holiday in Shoal Bay NSW

'Salt 3' at Salt at Shoal Bay
‘Salt 3’ at Salt at Shoal Bay

Salt at Shoal Bay has been on my to visit list for quite some time now and given the inability to travel outside of NSW, I decided to go local and treat myself to a weekend away by the beach. The beautiful coastal property is located in Shoal Bay, a 2.5 hour drive from Sydney and close by to Newcastle and Port Stephens.

While Salt 1&2, (the main building with beach views) are the more popular option, Salt 3 is a self-contained cottage, ideal for smaller groups of 4-5 which is what we opted for during this stay.

Pricing wise, this escape definitely fell into the luxury pricing category. However, if you had roughly 10 people in a group and chose to stay in Salt 1 or 2, it would come out to a pretty good price point.


Given that I work in marketing for hotels/restaurants, I’ve stayed in my fair share of hotels with a staff rate, and have gotten quite tired of the generic decor. This coastal holiday home is anything but generic. Every corner is designed and furnished with minimal, clean and ‘coastal’ accents and you really get the feeling that the space is carefully styled and considered. There’s lots of white on white, rattan and wood details with some black accents to top it off.

'Salt 3' at Salt at Shoal Bay Lumiere d'Helen


One of my favourite things about the property was the kitchen and dining area. The kitchen was well equipped with everything you could need for preparing your meals. There was also a lovely selection of teas and coffee. Not to mention, I found this space to be the most visually aesthetic part of the entire house.

There’s a BBQ outside with a large table for some al fresco dining.

'Salt 3' at Salt at Shoal Bay Lumiere d'Helen

Living Area

The living area features a small TV inside the cabinet. There’s a fireplace to the side which is perfect for a cosy evening in. As a YouTuber, I absolutely adored this space as it was bright and spacious. If I was to have a lazy morning, I would have loved to sit with my coffee on the couch and enjoy the lovely light flooding in as I read one of the magazine/books lying around.

Upstairs bedroom & bathroom

The two bedrooms upstairs were also beautifully furnished, featured ceiling windows that could be opened via a remote. The beds were fine, but nothing out of this world. One thing that I would have loved to see would be a mirror in the bedroom as it would just assist with makeup/hair/getting dressed etc in the mornings before heading downstairs.

There is a small bathroom (no bathtub, which wasn’t a problem for me), that had views over the beach which was a pleasant surprise.

'Salt 3' at Salt at Shoal Bay Lumiere d'Helen


One thing I loved about the service at Salt was the information booklet they provided before arrival. It gave names of the best spots for sightseeing and also best local restaurants and shops. We decided to do a bbq most days so did not get much of a chance to eat out, however all the sights recommended were just beautiful.

I would rate the property overall a 5/5 for aesthetic and a 4/5 for comfort and function.