Searching for the Best Denim| Everlane, Levi’s and Acne Studios Denim Comparison

A year ago, I went on the hunt for the best pair of jeans and I was willing to splurge to find the pair of jeans that I was going to reach for every single day until they fell a part. Being that I was working multiple roles, splurging on the Acne Studios South Jeans in Mid-Blue was a big purchase. And ultimately, I’ve broken from that search for the perfect pair, to getting a small collection of denim which I would reach for again and again. After testing four pairs of denim jeans in the last year, I can safely say that there are definitely perks and downfalls of the Acne Studios jeans especially when compared to the more affordable options from Everlane, including the Cheeky jean and the Skinny jean, as well as the Levi Wedgie jeans which have become a very popular pick.

I wear denim every. single. day. in the winter months. So these jeans get a lot of love. They’re not pulled out every so often from a rotation of 100 pairs. So here’s a honest look into all four pairs.

My shape and preferences
  • I dislike distressing especially on the knee
  • I’m not against a raw hem but would prefer without it
  • I prefer light-medium washes of denim over super light/indigo/raw/black
  • I don’t wash denim very often (and wouldn’t recommend it if you want your pair to last)
  • I am fairly slim especially around the waist and I like denim to show that off
  • I don’t mind skinny jeans but prefer a straight leg as my legs are probably the widest part of me
  • My price point ranges and this depends on the longevity/quality: I’m happy to spend more IF there is reason to
  • The oldest pair is the Acne Studios (about a year), then the Everlane skinny (6 months), the Levi Wedgie (3 months), Everlane Cheeky (2 weeks)
  • I’m 5’3 and usually a waist 25, I sized down for the Cheeky to a 24, everything else is in a 25 inch waist

In order of most favourite to least, here it goes.

First Place: Everlane Cheeky Jean (ankle) in Sky Blue


As I repeatedly mention in my video, I think these are a really flattering fit but I personally would reach for them more in the Summer/Spring or warmer months. The perks of this denim is that it is really flattering and to my tastes. Every time I have these on, I feel really confident about my style as they give me a nice flattering shape and a slightly interesting twist. It’s a straight leg jean, leaning on the skinny side. The closest option I’ve come across in the past is probably the Farleigh jean from ASOS. That being said, I really like this pair but ONLY if it fits you well. Fit is so personal that I would urge you to order and try these to make up your mind! For $68 dollars, I find these to be very affordable and comparable to ASOS/Topshop alternatives. However, these are made in ethical factories and I would much rather purchase replacements from Everlane! This is the ONLY pair in which I sized down to a 24 rather than taking my typical 25 size and it fits exactly as a 25 usually does. So definitely size down.


The cons is that the denim is thinner and less soft than options such as the Acne Studios and even the Levi’s. But ultimately, its nicer than other denim options I’ve tried in the price point which is why I’ve still got it ranked first.

Second Place: Levi Wedgie Jeans in Straight Leg 


This is my favourite all rounder (if you don’t mind the raw hem that is). I eyed up the Levi Wedgie jeans for a long time (almost 3 months) before picking them up. I was waiting for a sale and finally got them when they were on 20% off. I think the denim is a lot softer than the Everlane but you are paying 1/3 more. The denim is also a nice thickness which I really like. The shape of it is something slightly different than the other straight leg jeans in my collection. The legs are the widest and most ‘boyfriend’ in style. I really like this but I tend to prefer a more casual jean like this with a pair of heels, especially because there is a raw hem and a slightly longer length on me. I haven’t dared to cut the hem myself as this normally ends badly but I’m happy enough with the length as I usually have a block heel on anyways. Another major pro is that these really make your backside look good 🙂


The only thing stopping these from being in first place is that its more trendy and less classic with the raw hem detail, the more boyfriend fit and the super high waist fit. So if you’re only looking to have 1-2 pairs of jeans, I probably would go for something a bit more classic like the Everlane Cheeky or Acne Studios South Jeans.

Third Place: Acne Studios South Jeans in Mid Blue


This is the most classic pair out of all of these options to me as given how much they cost, I wanted to go with a pair that was very very versatile. The biggest pro is that the denim is higher in quality than all the other pairs (as you would expect) and by far. If you closed your eyes and felt the denim of each pair, this would clearly stand out to be the nicest. It feels very cotton like (and I know all of them are something like 98% cotton but this one really feels like it).


The price. Other than that, at the time, there was no high rise option. I’m fairly sure there is now, and if I were to have my time again, I would personally go for a high rise option even though a mid rise is potentially more classic.

Fourth Place: Everlane High Rise Skinny Jean in Black (ankle)


It’s not bad, just not my style. The fit is quite good on me. The length is nice, it nips in at the waist quite well and its overall decently flattering on the leg. The denim is stiffer than the cheeky jean and everything else I’ve tried but it didn’t bother me nor cause discomfort of any sort.


This was my first try of the Everlane denim and while I didn’t dislike it, there was nothing that really stood out to me as I wasn’t in love with the style to begin with. I purchased these to try and review given the amount of hype around the denim launch and the#alldaydenim hashtag that went around social media. Ultimately, I think the fit is just not as flattering as other cuts ON ME, and I made a mistake in ordering the black pair as it is so dark it looks like my cigarette trousers.

So all in all, four pairs of good denim. I don’t ever keep things I don’t love or see purpose for in my wardrobe. So it is very unlikely you’ll ever see me with a super negative review. I also think one person’s trash is another’s treasure and it all depends on your taste and preferences. I’ve laid out my preferences and ultimately a look into the fit and quality of denim.

Please head to the video if you haven’t already to check out how they look on!

See you again soon! x

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