Sharing my Autumn/Winter #10×10 Challenge | 10 items for 10 days

It’s been a good few months since I last attempted this wardrobe challenge to minimise and be more creative with fewer options. I love a good wardrobe challenge and its one of the reasons I started my YouTube, because I fell in love with the bloggers who focused on slower, more sustainable fashion. So if you want to know what the 10×10 challenge is, I’m going to link stylebee’s blog post here as she first created the challenge. In short, you have 10 items for 10 days. My 10 items includes shoes but excludes outerwear and other accessories such as bags, jewellery and scarves.

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How I picked my 10 items

I always try to keep a good balance between key items and basics. This time, I began with my two pairs of denim as I was testing these out for an upcoming video. I went with one very simple white blouse that goes with absolutely everything and can look entirely different when paired with different accessories. The polka dot blouse is a nice key piece that adds a bit of pattern and interest into an otherwise plain outfit! I knew the orange coat was a must as it brightens up neutral outfits so well.

The Everlane Wrap dress can we layered in so many different ways making it very versatile. It’s also a perfect work and evening dress. I love multi tasking items and the Everlane wrap dress is definitely one!

Overall, all my picks were quite simple this time round as I tend to accessorise more in the winter and keep my wardrobe super simple.

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Here’s a list of the items I mentioned
  1. Wallis polka dot top
  2. Grana silk blouse (1st time customer for 10% off click here
  3. Everlane Black Skinny Ankle
  4. Everlane Cheeky Light Blue Ankle
  5. Orange coat dupe
  6. Everlane Go Weave Dress (coming soon next week )
  7. Uniqlo Lambswool Cardigan
  8. Everlane Waffle Knit
  9. Wittner Shoes
  10. RM William Boots 

Hope you attempt this challenge and I would love to hear about your experience below or on YT, Instagram… 🙂 I’ll be back here in a few days with a denim review video!


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4 years ago

I like the 10x 10 idea. I’ve done a 5 x 5 and that was fun, but I think winter would be much more challenging!

Hope that you are having a lovely week and you have a good weekend ahead of you 🙂

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