Sleeper Dress Review + Styling

Sleeper, a brand I came across on Instagram, makes sleepwear that’s versatile enough to wear out. Sleeper has been another brand I’ve fallen in love with and follow on Instagram, and have really enjoyed their carefree, easy take on styling and fashion. I picked up my Sleeper dress a few months ago and since then, I have worn it to run errands in the day, to dinner at night as well as packing it in my overnight bags for a dress that can do it all.

Quality of the Sleeper dress

I am a fabric snob, and this 100% linen dress does not disappoint at all. I have a tendency to prefer linen pieces over everything else in the Summer time and the linen on this dress feels like a premium, high quality linen that’s thicker than most that I come across. The linen also gives this dress a beautiful drape and a lovely texture. On multiple occasions of wearing this dress, people have commented on how lovely the material looks (this rarely happens otherwise).

One size fits all?

Sizing for the Sleeper dress is nice and simple. It comes in one size only which I imagine will be a huge downfall for a lot of people considering this style. I struggle with sizing as a more petite girl in that even the smallest sizing is sometimes too oversized looking on me. However, happy to say that this dress fits quite well.

When worn on the shoulders, it’s almost perfect. When worn off the shoulder, the sleeves and dress does feel a little too long and voluminous (especially if it is not belted). As it is quite a loose style, I do think this dress will accommodate many sizes. However, I have yet to hear or see reviews on how this dress fits on ladies with larger sizes.

Styling and versatility

The main reason I love this Sleeper dress is because of it’s simplicity and versatility. It’s proved to be a great travel companion for warmer climates as it’s fuss free and comfortable. It’s a great simple base to allow your accessories to really change up the look of the dress. Paired with a belt, the dress shows off the waist. Without the belt, the dress looks effortless and casual. There must be a thousand ways to use accessories to change up the look of this dress, and it’s one of the reasons I’ve reached for it so much since adding this piece to my wardrobe.

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