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Everlane has definitely been killing it lately with new releases that are right up my alley. Clean silk, authentic stretch denim, polka dots and sling backs, I’m not sure what is more my style than a combination of these gems I’ve recently added into my wardrobe. So let’s dive in and take a quick look at some first impressions of these Everlane goodies.


The Clean Silk Notch Shirt 

Evelane’s new clean silk range was right up my alley when they first launched. I’m a huge lover of anything silk given how luxurious it feels. It’s a beautiful suede feeling silk that’s a nice weight. After quite a bit of deliberation, I ended up settling for the Everlane clean silk notch shirt with a beautiful v neck collar. The light blue grey shade is something that I found really subtle and sophisticated. If you’ve previously owned Everlane silk, then the quality is on par. The relaunch was mainly in regard to the sustainability in which they were made as well as in styles. Gotta say, really enjoying the new designs and colour options.

If you’re curious about how I care for silk, I tend to get it dry-cleaned. While I used to hand wash them in gentle detergent, I honestly feel it never comes out the same and is just a bit too risky. I definitely always prolong their life by wearing camis inside then getting them dry cleaned periodically when needed.

Authentic Stretch Denim 

These authentic stretch jeans are definitely a lovely surprise as I prefer them over the Everlane skinny jean in the original collection of denim launched. I find the stretch makes these jeans a lot more comfortable whereas the original were just a tad stiff. I went for the w24, ankle length mid blue wash and they fit perfectly. I always go one size down with Everlane denim as I do find them just a bit larger than my other jeans. So handy tip, size down. I also love that they have an ankle option which makes it so much easier for me, being only 5’3.

I’m honestly not too fussy when it comes to denim as finding denim I’m happy with is a pretty easy job. But I definitely think these are worth a try as they do give a little with the stretch factor. They hug your legs and hips nicely too without awkward, weird bagging. So all in all, worth a try. I’m honestly also really happy with Everlane’s price point when it comes to denim.

The polka dot collection

I was so excited to see a bit of pattern in Everlane’s releases! I love a good polka dot print so these were definitely something that had my name all over it. It’s made from Cupro, a lightweight breathable material made by treating cellulose fibre which are from recycled cottons. It’s semi-synthetic but honestly looks beautiful because of the way it drapes. I love the black and yellow polka dot design and it is by far my favourite out of the three colour option (white with navy dots not shown). The polka dot shirt has definitely received its fair share of love. I’ve worn it countless times to work and also casually with jeans on the weekend. A very versatile pick!

The polka dot dress is made from the same Cupro material which is lovely to wear. I don’t like the colour combination and design of the dress as much as I do the top. I think it’s something about the proportions as I’m definitely a short sleeved, midi dress kind of girl. However, it’s a very lovely and easy dress to throw on on casual days to look instantly polished.

Everlane Day Boot and Square Toe Slingbacks

Everlane shoes are possibly my favourite items from the brand. First thing first, sizing wise, I went for a 7.5, my normal Everlane size for the square toe slingbacks in burnt orange. I went with a 7 for the day boots in ecru as I found all of Everlane’s boots are quite roomy and spacious in the shoe. On their size chart, I am in between a 6.5 and 7 for reference sake. So for the most part, I go 1/2 to a full size up. Talk about confusing. 

The slingback shoes come in an amazing pop of yellow. It’s hard not to smile when they’re such a bright pop of colour. If you’ve been following me then you’ll know colour is definitely something I’m drawn to especially in my accessories. Paired with a simple beige or white dress or even just a white t-shirt and denim kind of look, the shoes would be perfect. I’ve worn them quite a few times and pleased to report back that they are super comfortable. Not a blister in sight after a long day of walking. And, no break in process. They were comfortable from first wear!

Day boot wise, I love how soft the leather is. I’ve worn them in now and they are so comfortable it’s like wearing nothing despite the heel. The leather is meant to mold to your feet and I would agree these shoes are true to size and will give a little especially given the buttery leather. I went with the beautiful ecru shade which I do not regret at all as it gives such a different look to the typical denim and top I reach for. If you’re looking for a comfortable heeled boot you can wear all day, then these are definitely worth a try. Compared to the boss boot and heeled boot? This one is more comfortable and soft in leather. Those are more traditional boot-like. I think I still prefer the boss boot and heeled boot for their styles but this one is a very close contender.

So that’s pretty much everything I had! If you’re a first time Everlane customer, would love if you could use this link . Otherwise, stay tuned on my YouTube Lumiere d’Helen to see my review and thoughts on other Everlane’s new releases. Meanwhile, if there’s anything you want to see reviewed, click through to my YouTube and leave me a comment.

Until next time!


x Helen




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4 years ago

Thank you for your helpful and inspiring reviews. I love your style and your effortless but always very informative way of talking about it. Could you say something about the light blue bag with the rectangular handle you’re wearing in the first picture? It’s really pretty.