Starting the 10×10 challenge again (Spring/Summer Edition)

Lately, I’ve been caught up in another minor style rut where my wardrobe doesn’t necessarily reflect where I want my personal style to be. I decided to start another 10×10 challenge to really think about what are core basics for me in my wardrobe and to really strip it back to the basics and fundamentals of my personal style. I’ve admired bloggers such as Stylebee, Unfancy and Andrea from Seasons of Salt for their ethical and slow fashion practices. With so many bloggers currently attempting the challenge, I thought I would join the bandwagon and get to the challenge.


My YT video


Recap of the rules

I’ve done this 10×10 challenge previously here and basically the rules are as simple as it sounds. Ten items for ten days.

The 10×10 includes clothing and shoes but not accessories which is an area that I love to use to change the way different outfits look. I haven’t included gym wear or pyjamas as that would be a near impossible challenge.

What I want out of the challenge

I would love to be able to get a feel for how my style has evolved in the past 6 months with this 10×10 challenge. Some of the items in my 10×10 are newer items (past 6 months) and I would love to be able to style them in a way that reflects where I want my style to be now. I’ve really noticed on my Pinterest boards that I love little gold accents, whether that be jewellery or hardware.

I would also like to get into more denim for the summer as well as more tailoring. I’ve fallen in love with that masculine feminine style which combines elements of both worlds. More and more, I’m trying to capture that in my content.

There are definitely a few gaps in my wardrobe but I want to take things slow when it comes to purchasing and really figure out what it is that is missing.

What are my 10 items

My Tips and Tricks

Start with 3-4 key pieces. I went with three key pieces this time.

  1. Blue Blouse
  2. Pastel Pink Sweater
  3. Black block heels w gold

After choosing your key pieces, fill up the other pieces with basics that really compliment these key pieces. I always make sure that there’s a balance between items so I’m able to create combinations that I’ve never worn before.


I’m definitely very excited about this 10×10 challenge. My personal style has really evolved to more classic items and pairing these with little accessories that really add some interest. I can’t wait to report back with an update at the end of the ten days. In the meantime, please check out my Youtube video if you’re interested in seeing some of my potential outfits during the course of the week! To see my past 10×10 challenges, click here.