Starting the Spring 10×10 Wardrobe

I’ve fallen in love with the idea of capsule wardrobes and was drawn especially to the Fall 10×10 wardrobe that’s currently going around which led me to do a spring edition 10×10 given that I live in the Southern Hemisphere. But it’s really not all that different. The fall and spring seasons are transitional periods which makes dressing sometimes stressful as you’re not really wearing your summer pieces yet, but nor are you truly utilising the cosier pieces in your winter wardrobe.

I decided to take the stress out of this period and get on the challenge.


What is the 10×10 challenge?

Style Bee created this challenge but I first heard about it from Mademoiselle, a blogger and YouTuber who inspired me to think more about my wardrobe ‘consumption’.

The 10×10 challenge is where you only wear ten items of clothing during a period of ten days. The ten items does not include accessories but includes footwear (I cheat in this department). It’s meant to be a loose set of rules and a fun challenge to:

  • teach you about your style
  • reduce shopping and consumption
  • or to reduce getting ready time in the morning.
Why am I starting this challenge?

I realised that in the past year as I’ve been getting more and more into Instagram, my consumption has gone crazy. I’ve done these crazy ASOS purchases without thinking about the waste. My mentality used to be that if I could afford it, and it was ‘sustainable’ financially then that’s all that mattered.

However, after doing a lot of reading on the unethical practices of businesses, that lifestyle seemed so wasteful. I had a lot of clutter in my room and house that I’ve gotten rid of. That coupled with the fact that I wasn’t the happiest during that period of my life made me want to start fresh, declutter and turn a new leaf.

That’s where this challenge comes in.

How did I choose my ten pieces?

While it’s no secret I love colour, I went for a fairly neutral palette by my standards. My accent colours don’t really match but I had thought through the possible outfits and was happy with the items. I should also note that I’ve decluttered so much, these were pretty much the only viable options given the temperature change.

If you’re needing ideas, here’s a starting plan (and it is of course flexible):

  • 4 shirts
  • 2 bottoms
  • 1 dress
  • 1 jacket
  • 1 dressy flat or heel
  • 1 everyday shoe
How to do this challenge if you’re a colour lover like me

If you love colour, a dress is often a good way to inject colour as you don’t have to think about matching it with your existing wardrobe. It’s a throw on and go piece!  Where as a skirt or top requires matching with your existing capsule!

Another way to go about it is keeping colour within one area. For example, different coloured tops (or likewise, different coloured bottoms) would be easier to mix in with your wardrobe, rather than having both tops and bottoms in a variety of colour which would require more mixing and matching of clashing colours.

Let’s get onto the actual picks

My picks were pretty much centred on my current love of stripes and polka dots. I went for:

Two Comme Des Garcon Tops ||

I went with a cotton tee and a classic white shirt. I went with this very hyped style because it personally fits me really well- especially the white shirt. Most of the time, sleeves are way to long on shirts and leaves them looking frumpy.

Grana Silk Shirt ||

I like this as it’s so versatile to pair alone tucked into a skirt or under slip dresses. The silk is very breathable and perfect for the warmer weather.

Grana Silk Bomber ||

This is a beautiful combination of casual and lux. The bomber style gives outfits a more laid back vibe whereas the silk makes it luxurious to wear.

Everlane Slip Dress ||

This mint green beauty is the perfect summer dress as it is so minimal and chic looking. It’s also very lightweight and cool for hotter days.

Black slip dress (similar)||

I like wearing slip dresses by themselves or layered on top of tee shirts and button downs. Alternatively, this would be perfect paired with the silk bomber.

Everlane Wide Leg Crop ||

This baby pink was perfect to add a hint of colour to my neutral capsule. The wide leg fit is very flattering and I wanted to get some more wear before the summer hit.

By Johnny Skirt ||

This was one of my favourite finds for my 5 piece french wardrobe. I adore it but can’t see myself wearing it during warmer weather as the fabric is quite heavy, so pulling it out one more time!

= This makes 8 items.

Shoes ||

This next part is where I think I will be breaking the rules a bit. With shoes, I have days where I’m doing a lot of walking which means sneakers. But I wear heels to work and loafers on the everyday basis, so I’m being flexible in this area. I’ll try to stick to two but I know I’ll go a little over!

Who am I following?

While Stylebee and Andrea from Seasons & Salt inspired me to take on this challenge, I’ve been following everyone from the #10x10friends on Instagram. It’s been absolutely brilliant to see everyone’s looks!

I will update at the end of the challenge with all the looks I came up with. To see frequent updates- follow my Instagram in the sidebar! It’s a brilliant challenge and I’ve been enjoying it so far!