Starting the 5 Piece French Wardrobe Challenge

Five Piece French Wardrobe Challenge

It’s a total cliche, girl goes to Paris and comes back wanting to attempt the 5 piece french wardrobe. But here I am, attempting to be like those chic and carefree Parisian women who look effortless and put together.

So what is the 5 piece french wardrobe challenge?

Its gotten quite a bit of buzz online in the last couple of years. Basically, its a way of cutting down your wardrobe and shopping habits where you are allowed to purchase only 5 items per autumn/winter and spring/summer season (assuming each season is 6 months). This DOES NOT include basic and classic items in your wardrobe such as replacing a white shirt, or purchasing a pair of simple jeans. It’s more the decadent and trendy items that you don’t really need that are included in the 5.

Goals and a sum up of challenge!
  1. 5 pieces every season (6 month): In this category I’m thinking more bags/shoes outside of the everyday basics such as trainers and a pair of nude flats. This also includes any trendy dresses or clothing that aren’t classics  you can wear again and again. The line is a bit blurry but essentially pieces I want and do not need.
  2. Stick to a capsule: The capsule is the rest of your wardrobe that consists of classic items, or in my case semi-classic, because I love interesting and modern silhouettes. I won’t be including anything basic such as stripe tops, black dresses, denim, workwear unless I already own another variation of it and really don’t need another one.
  3. Investment pieces: I’m hoping to spend a little more on all my clothing and accessories but ultimately buy less of it and keep it for longer. This challenge isn’t really to cut down on spending as it is to get rid of bad and wasteful shopping habits. For example, the first of my five items was a self portrait dress that I’ve wanted for ages.

You get the drift?

But why?!?

My Instagram and blog might be filled with pretty dresses, but on the average day, I’m either at work or uni. I’m typically wearing jeans and some variation of a top, so there’s really no point having a huge wardrobe if I’m going to wear the same thing. At the start of every season, I’m always left without any clothes from last winter because everything is poor quality and just simply hasn’t survived. This challenge will hopefully mean I’m more careful with the things I purchase and keep them for more than a season!

And also, it sounds fun! I love styling things in different ways, I love accessorising with bags and shoes and it will just give me an opportunity to be more creative with what I already have. Another thing is that I like a lot of higher end items and it might actually be nice to start saving up for things I really want rather than making lots of small purchases here and there.

What I’ve learnt from others!

The first thing that I’m inclined to do is to start a spree trying to tick off everything on a minimal wardrobe guide on Pinterest. I’ve tried my best to refrain as all the guides say to take it slow and add things you really miss or love.

Where am I?

The challenge involves first decluttering your wardrobe! I’ve been trying to sell on ebay (like I’ve done in the past) some of my clothes/accessories/bags. The rest of it I’ll end up donating to my local charity. A lot of things have been hanging in my wardrobe for years and I’ve truly worn in once. I hate seeing a full wardrobe with nothing to wear so I’m being very strict with myself by getting rid of everything I don’t love (and believe me, it’s a lot of it).

Stay connected!

Keep up with my challenge on my Instagram and blog and let me know whether you are more of a minimal dresser or if you like having options. I definitely love having options for days I’m feeling like dressing up a bit more. I want to be more conscious about what I’m bringing home but I definitely still want to have fun with fashion and getting ready every morning!

Overall, I’m just trying to put quality over quantity. Investing in nicer items I love and can style in different ways rather than doing huge ASOS orders and over shopping at Zara when my spendy mood hits.



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5 years ago

Omg! I loveddd these tips!
They’re amazing. I just went to Paris too and I was wondering how to do that Parisian style.
Thanks for summarizing all the info for me <3 lol.

xx, Victoria

5 years ago

I LOVE this idea! This is a pretty amazing challenge which I might hop on board with. I’m a new mom and have ZERO time to spend shopping for myself. This would keep me feeling up to date without spending a fortune (I’m already doing that with diapers!).