Staud Bucket Bag Review (+ Comparison to Mansur Gavriel)

There’s always been something so charming about effortless style and letting your accessories speak. As of the past year, I’ve fallen for very minimal looking basics for that clean and polished look that also screams effortless. Part of that ensemble has been my two bucket bags. I’m doing a Staud bucket bag review as well as a comparison to my beloved Mansur Gavriel Bucket Bag in Mini. These two accessories are minimal-esque but still unique and interesting enough to bring your outfits up a notch. The Staud bucket bag is a new addition while the Mansur Bucket bag has been in my collection for over a year.

Just as a heads up about me. I love bags but I also like simplicity in terms of choice. I have a very small collection but each of my bags are well loved (otherwise they get sold). My Staud Bucket bag is in Cognac and my Mansur bag is in black with red lining (mini size).

Staud Bucket Bag Review

The main selling point of this bag for me is that the shape is incredibly unique while not being too loud. The round shape with the open top is really not a bag I see often in real life (Instagram is a different story). The little handle makes it a really sweet bag to hold in your hand or wear in the crook of your arm. It reminds me immediately of Summer and more specifically of going to a picnic with my basket (my very fancy basket).

The Staud bucket bag features calf leather on the outside and a suede interior. The calf leather has been very very durable while the suede lining has held up equally well. I keep just about everything loose and floating around – think keys, coins and pens. So far so good.

The interior as you might expect is where some problems arise. The drawstring mechanism is definitely a bonus to the bag as it is able to provide some security to an otherwise impractical bag. However, the drawstring is a little hard to use and the interior is not as spacious as I would have thought. Because it is a structure bag, it holds no where near as much as the Mansur Bucket bag.

The bag also comes with a shoulder strap. This is a handy thing to have but it’s quite awkward to wear on the shoulder. The strap is much too long on me at 5’3 (160cm) and can see this being the case for many women. The security issue is also magnified as your bag just swings at the side of your body with the potential of tipping all your things out. For me, this will definitely be a hand held bag.

Mansur Gavriel Bucket Bag

This has been in my collection for about a year. It’s become such a classic and well-loved style which never feels dated or old despite it being over the hype that surrounded it a few years ago. The vegetable tanned leather holds up very well. While it does scratch from time to time, they generally buff out themselves. If not, I’ve always managed to remove them with my trusty Chamberlain’s leather milk.

Everything about this bag is quite functional. The drawstring top which I thought would be a bother has actually proved the opposite. I can tighten it when I don’t want anyone to get into my bags…or I can loosen it when I want convenience. Usually, it sits somewhere in between. You can reach for items without having to tie it every time and it’s not a issue.

The size of the bag is definitely not ‘mini’. It fits a lot! Everything I need in a day and more. So this is definitely another bonus.

The minimal aesthetic of the bag is just so stunning and is truly a classic. It has no extra bells or whistles and is beautiful as it is. This has been my most worn bag EVER and I think it’s an easy go to because of the minimal look as well as the functionality as it holds a tonne (including my DSLR+ bottle).

Final Thoughts

I don’t have anything negative in this review. Barely anything negative and I had to think hard to come up with those. I love these two bags and would highly recommend these to anyone who is considering them. I’ve styled them with so many different outfits and can say the quality is superb.

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