Styling a Grana Silk Slip Dress (+ Review)


Grana Silk Slip Dress in Black. The Grana Silk Slip Dress is one of their most exciting items for me and definitely one of the most versatile things in my entire wardrobe. I find that I can wear it in so many ways and is definitely a worthwhile piece to invest in and bring into your existing wardrobe. My pick is the Grana silk slip dress but I’ve also provided some other alternatives if you’re looking for a different cut, length, price point etc.


Review of the Grana Silk Slip Dress. This silk dress has replaced my old ASOS one which was definitely its less fancy friend. That one was made of polyester and had a more modern twist whereas this Grana dress is made of a luxurious satin silk material. The main difference is that the material drapes better and it is more soft and luxurious to wear. I find this satin type of silk very low maintenance. It doesn’t mark as easily if there is makeup, sweat or any spillages. I hand wash it rather than dry cleaning and so far there’s no issues whatsoever.

Sizing. I got the XXS and I am normally a XS or a size 6 (AU). I sized down as I have a small upper body frame and really didn’t want the V to go too low.

I love styling this Grana slip dress in a variety of ways.

  1. Over a T-Shirt
  2. Layered over/under a Silk Shirt
  3. With a Denim Jacket/Bomber

This is by far my favourite thing from Grana as I can wear it a few times a week without it being too obvious that I’m wearing the same thing. If I’m not sure what to wear one day, I know this option will be simple, comfortable and elegant.

Comparison to Everlane’s Slip Dress. I also prefer this to the Everlane Go Weave Slip Dress which has a somewhat similar appearance. The Everlane is in a heavier go-weave fabric what is a bit more restrictive to wear and doesn’t have the beautiful drape the silk slip dress has. This one is definitely more comfortable because the large split makes it very freeing to wear and you don’t feel like it restricts your walking/day to day life. The split on the side of the Grana Slip Dress is really a very well designed element. The rather large split makes it really comfortable not to mention quite gorgeous as the material is just so effortlessly flowy.

Other alternatives.

These are some more affordable alternatives ( in the case of the black) and a more statement slip dress if you’re looking for something with a bit more detail (green).


Overall, I’m so happy with this slip dress. If you want to see some of my styling tips, check out the YT video linked to this post. I feature a couple of ways you can wear this slip dress and make it look like a totally different outfit.

10% off. Like always, if you’re a FIRST TIME Grana customer, please use my referral link for 10% off as it really helps me to do more and more reviews. None of this content is sponsored in any way, shape or form.