Sweater Collection + How I care for my cashmere/wool sweaters

It’s definitely not sweater weather here in Sydney but for those of you in the northern hemisphere, I thought I would do a roundup of my entire sweater collection. I consider this a fairly minimal and curated collection by my standards (though it may not seem it to those of you who are truly minimal). I’m going to talk about the sweaters starting with my most favourite to my least. I’m also going to go over a quick care guide discussing how to take care of cashmere, which is sometimes quite a complicated material to look after.

(photo by Daph Young, Instagram:@daphnes_lens)


Everlane $100 Cashmere

I adore these because I find them to be the most versatile and soft. They’re on the thin side but that makes it perfect for layering in the winter. They’re also just as beautiful when worn alone. I really appreciate the large selection they offer which covers different colours, cuts and shapes. See a more in depth review here.

Hope Grand Sweater

On the other hand, this is not the most versatile sweater and is a really trendy piece. I bought this about a year ago on sale and have not looked back. It’s the largest waffle knit and it’s so fun to style for colder weather. It comes at a high price point and it is a cotton blend but the style is what gets to me.

Grana volume sweater

I hate that I’m mentioning this here because they are sold out (I picked them up in Grana’s sale for half price). I find this kind of cropped length sweater with the dropped shoulder detail the most flattering. However, I can’t speak too much for the wear and tear as it is quite new. I’ve noticed that the cashmere doesn’t seem to be holding up as well as my other Grana and Everlane crew neck sweaters. But only time will tell for now.

Grana crew neck cashmere

This is another one of my favourites. It’s almost identical to my Everlane favourites but this is a little thicker in terms of the cashmere. I really do appreciate that but it doesn’t work as well for layering due to the cuffs/ribbing details on the sweater. (See my review here + 10% off)

The Good

Uniqlo V-neck cashmere sweater

This is a good one to pick up if you enjoy the fits/cuts they offer. The fit of Uniqlo sweaters don’t work for my body shape but otherwise, they’re a good pick. The cashmere is quite soft but not as much as my Everlane and Grana picks.

Everlane Ribbed Wool Sweater

This was one of my earlier purchases from Everlane. It’s a go-to sweater for me whether that be at home or when I’m going out. The material does ball up quite a bit but it’s a really lovely style with the splits on the side. It’s also really comfortable to wear due to the soft material and thickness.

The Meh

Uniqlo Chunky Wool Mix Knit 

I thought this was a bit meh in terms of the cut, style and material. It’s not the most flattering on. But I’ve held onto it because it is really comfortable to wear especially around the house during the winter. I do like some other Uniqlo sweaters though (this one is just not right for my body shape).

How I care for my cashmere sweaters?

I generally avoid dry cleaning whenever I can. I don’t like the use of strong chemicals in dry cleaning so if it can be avoided, I try to. I’ve had pretty good luck so far hand washing my cashmere sweaters in gentle detergent that’s suited to knitwear. I pick up any detergent labelled for cashmere/wool and I lean towards natural and ‘green’ options. I wish I had a brand to share but it’s just a no brand detergent from my supermarket.

I’ve seen other people do a gentle machine wash. While I think it wouldn’t do too much damage, I’ve yet to try it because hand washing has been so easy. I also don’t wash my cashmere sweaters all the time. By wearing a cami or t-shirt underneath, I’m able to prolong the life of the sweater between washes.

So that’s that. I hope you enjoyed taking a quick watch/read of my sweater collection. If you would like to see the sweaters on, please check the video. For reference sake, I am 160cm, 5’3 and about a US size 0 or AU 6.