Sweet Peach.


This very hyped palette is such a beauty. I have a lot of palettes where I only use maybe 6 out of the 18 shadows (Naked 3, Chocolate bar palette) but I find this palette super wearable other than the few chalkier colours. Peach is such a flattering colour and instantly makes me think of summer vacations in Bali. How my mind works- I don’t know, but it’s true.

Let’s get onto the beautiful swatches.



First Row:

This is the first row from Left to Right. Out of all these shades, my favourite is Just Peachy (3rd from the Left). It has a wonderful gold sheen to it and applies beautifully on the eyes. My least favourite is the 4th shade, Bless Her Heart, because it is definitely more chalky. The colour appears khaki but applies to be a muted and patchy.



How beautiful. Most of these were just one swatch.

Second Row:

These colours were all stunning with the exception of Delectable (last shade). The matte looking purple required multiple layers and was a rough texture that lacked pigment. All the other colours were stunning and buttery smooth. Soooo beautiful…



Third row:

This last one is for the matte shadow lovers. I’ve never been a matte shadow person but these are just so lovely. The let down is once again that last shade. This is possibly the worst one of the palette as it just does not apply smoothly or with pigment.The name is Talk Derby to Me.



Overall, this was a stunning purchase. No regrets what so ever. TBH, I’ve never fallen for the Naked palette phase, nor the chocolate palette or all the burgundy palettes out lately. But this is a definite winner. <3


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5 years ago

I love this palette so much!!!! ☺☺☺


5 years ago

I love this palette! Such good quality. Really desperate for the face palette they have out too. Great post! x

5 years ago

They all look so good, they’d be perfect for Valentine’s Day!

5 years ago

Ah I really want this palette! I’ve seen it all over YouTube and it looks so dreamy x

5 years ago

It looks so lovely, I really want this palette. It’s got a lot of colours I don’t tend to go for!


5 years ago

Nice post! I’ll have to try out this palette! 💋

Mercy Immanuela
5 years ago

Always wanted to try this! But I never have the guts to spend the bucks because I don’t use eyeshadow that often 🙁 Xo https://mercyish.com/ 💕

5 years ago

I’m seeing this palette everywhere recently! Not sure how I feel about the novelty of a Peach scented eyeshadow haha X

5 years ago

Awesome post! This palette looks gorgeous.