The block heel sandal from Everlane | Review, thoughts and styling

I’m going to be reviewing the block heel sandal from Everlane today and I’m on a bit of a blog post roll as I’ve just had so much to talk about in the last week or so! I’m at a point where I think Everlane shoes are just one of my most talked about topics on my blog. And this one is no exception to my streak of stunningly positive reviews of their footwear! BUT I’ve definitely started to get a better feel for shoe styles I love and ones that are perhaps not quite my style. I have a thing for block heels, always have, and its likely I always will. There’s something so elongating, simple yet *dare I say, comfortable. So let’s dig a bit deeper and take a look at these Everlane block heel sandals!


I took a read through some Instagram comments to the shoe’s launch and a lot of people guessed it would only be inappropriate for wider feet. I think I have fairly wide feet but these were super comfy for me. The front of the shoe is really quite wide and fits me very very well. I think the arch gets a little bit narrow as I can see that my foot is a bit wider than its intended but there’s no discomfort for me whatsoever. I’m happy that there’s no real rubbing. On my first wear, towards the end of the day, I felt a little bit of rubbing at the front edge of the shoe, which is to be expected. However, today, on my fourth wear, I walked for truly hours and they didn’t cause any issues at all. So, all in all, they’ve passed the test and I’m super happy to wear these more once the summer rolls around! (I’m currently in late Autumn/Winter).


If you’ve seen me talk about my favourite shoes, then you’ll know block heels reoccur… a lot. I also love a classic style and ankle straps are right up my alley. It’s strange really, because I can definitely see how ankle straps can cut your leg off a bit but for me, I find them somehow more flattering. I think its just very personal to your shape but they’re a definite winner in my books. These are super classic but I think the colours are what makes these shoes super interesting for me. There’s a blush pink, a black, a forest green, a light yellow and the periwinkle one I chose. The block heel is about 5cm and is the perfect height for walking around on a weekend!


The shoe is an Italian leather and feels quite sturdy and nice. After a few wears, I can see that the leather has moulded to my feet on the front of the shoe, most likely because its a slightly stiffer leather. I’ve never had any issues with Everlane shoes but will update as these get more wear! It also features a leather sole which can be a tad slippery if you don’t get a rubber sole at the cobbler.

How I wore them

I’ve tried to get as much wear out of them as possible before it gets too cold for sandals in Australia. Ultimately, I’ve really enjoyed pairing them with super simple and/or monochrome outfits. They really do a very good job at elevating basics and making the outfit that much more interesting. They’re also not too clashy with denim and I’ve actually liked pairing it that way in a almost colour blocked look. They of course lean more casual, but can also do wonders for a night out if you’re not a stilettos person (which I am definitely not).

If you’re a first time customer, please use my referral link here as it would help me out greatly. But either way, hope this was somewhat useful if you’re considering the shoe. To see more of my Everlane reviews click here for blog posts and here for videos!

Note: Photos shot on 35mm film (except first 3) and definitely still trying to get the hang of the process. But nonetheless really enjoying it so expect to see more! 🙂