The Curated ‘Classic’ Coat Review | Unsponsored

One of the brands I’ve been most excited to try for myself is The Curated, a Scandinavian brand built on sustainable luxury at honest prices. I don’t know what took me so long to add one of the dreamy coats from The Curated into my wardrobe! They’re made from the most gorgeous natural wool fibres, and have a flattering cut designed to suit just about everyone.

This blog post is not sponsored and the coat was purchased by myself.

Let’s do a pros and cons list.

Pro #1: The Fabric

I am without a doubt a fabric snob and have always preferred natural fibres. I learnt this from looking at my Mum’s shopping habits as I was growing up and it has stuck with me since. The Curated’s Classic Coat is made from 30% cashmere and 70% merino wool. I find this combination hard to come across, especially with coats in the same price bracket. Too often I find premium high street brands do synthetic blends when it comes to their coats or using course wool that screams poor quality.

The cashmere composition in the coat gives it the softness while adding some extra warmth (cashmere is 7-8 times warmer than merino wool) while the merino wool is known to be more sturdy and resist pilling. This combination is just a perfect match.

The colour I chose out is in Bone.

Pro #2: The Fit

I went up a size to the S compared to my normal XS as I wanted a more oversized fit. With any coat, I always want enough space under the arms and on the sleeves to layer a medium weight knit inside. By going up a size, I can do this comfortably without any restrictions/or discomfort in the fit.

I chose the classic coat over the other coat options (i.e. the boyfriend coat) as I preferred the sleeve length. The boyfriend coat while giving the oversized shape I like, seemed to have a longer sleeve length. As a more petite girl, I figured sizing up with the classic would be the best way to get an oversized shape without compromising too much in both the sleeve length and the general length of the coat. For reference, I am 160cm or 5’3. I like the length of the coat, it neither drowns me or is too short. No regrets with my sizing choices here.

The belt loop as I’ve learnt after purchasing the coat, is not pre-attached. The coat comes with fabric samples which can be cut to create belt loops. This is a smart idea as it can be customised to your height and body shape. I have to be honest and say I have been far too lazy to do this myself and will most likely bring it in to the tailor one day.

Potential Cons

This is hard as I am just very pleased with this coat. One potential con is that the shape of the coat means that there is often a gap in the bottom half of the coat when belted. I’ve seen some ladies comment on this and how they would prefer it to overlap on the bottom for a more flattering look. This personally doesn’t bother me, though I like it when coats overlap as it is warmer/and more cosy that way. I don’t know how well I explained this point, but I show it in the video.

I love the Bone shade though I think the description of a ‘bone white’ colour is not quite accurate. It has a definite pink/lilac undertone to the colour. I think it lies on the cool, slightly grey side of the spectrum.

If you want to see it styled, I have a video dedicated to that! I also share outfits on Instagram, and will no doubt be styling it more in the upcoming Autumn/Winter season here in Australia.

Shop the coat here.