The Everlane Day Heel Review.

I’ve recently fallen in love with the brand Everlane for their good quality items and ‘transparency’. It completely aligns with the kind of clothes that I love (good quality basics to mix with the ridiculous amount of ASOS items I have). The day heel was a new launch and the campaign was all over Instagram. I jumped at the chance to pick up a gorgeous pair of red shoes as I have been hunting for a pair for the longest time. Let me just say that I am truly in love with the shoe.

Update: Click here to see how I’ve styled the shoe and an update on wear and tear 🙂 

Update 7/11/2017

Having had the shoes for over six months, it has held up very, very well. I will say, size up despite the fact Everlane says it is true to size. I find that it really does get uncomfortable if I’ve worn them a whole day as they get too tight by the end of the day especially with warmer weather coming along. I am contemplating another pair but this time I will definitely get the size 7 or even 7.5 (Normal shoe size is 37).



The red leather is a buttery leather that I don’t often come across on shoes. The leather is like the buttery leather of a soft handbag. I’ve worn the shoes about 5-6 whole days and there is not a single mark on it. The soft leather molds to your feet which makes it incredibly comfortable. Because it is so soft, I can see some indents from the shape of my foot in the shoe. It doesn’t bother me at all and the shoes is fantastic in quality.

*Update: I’ve been wearing these shoes pretty consistently for the last few months and still there is not a single mark on them. The leather is incredibly durable and I’m very happy with the way its worn!




I’ve seen countless guides that say Everlane shoes run narrow. I have wide feet so I’ve found that the shoe is still a bit narrow even though the size guide says true to size. It hasn’t been uncomfortable at all since the first wear due to the soft leather. The elastic back means that there is some flexibility and if the shoe is a little small or big, it should still fit fine. I got my shoes in a size 6.5 and I am usually a 37. For their more narrow styles (Modern Loafer, Modern Oxford), I will most likely opt for a 7-7.5 based on this purchase.

* If I was to purchase it now, I would go up half a size (to the 7). I have very wide feet so sometimes it’s a bit squished inside the shoe and I wish there was a bit more space in the toe box part of the shoe. Overall, still very comfortable for a heel.




The marketing behind the shoe was that it was a ‘day heel’ meaning it could be worn all day. I do agree! It is very comfortable for a shoe with a block heel. I tend to walk a lot and I have no problems walking to the station (20mins) in these shoes. The heel is quite low- probably about 4-5 cm and I think it’s the perfect way to add a bit of height without getting all dressy.




Definitely check the Everlane Day Heel out. Everlane is a great  brand and I’m so happy with the few things that I’ve gotten from them. Next on my list is their Modern Oxford and their Cashmere Sweaters. Even though red is quite a statement colour, I’ve managed to pair it with most of my outfits. I find that sometimes my outfits are so boring with just grey, black, white and neutrals that a statement shoe is needed to brighten it up just a tad.

*Everlane has come out with new colours and I’m contemplating maybe a pair in black suede or yellow suede!

If you’re thinking about making a purchase from Everlane, it would really help me out to use my link here. This post is not sponsored in any shape, way or form 🙂 If you’re an Everlane fan, check out some of my other Everlane reviews here.

Here’s an in depth look at the shoes



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5 years ago

Love how to pop of red complements your outfit

Vanessa x |