My Top 5 Everlane Purchases

I realised that with all the Everlane reviews I do, I never bothered to do a roundup of what I believed to be their best items. I have nothing but positive things to say about Everlane and really do appreciate the transparency of the business. I also love them of course, for their classics which they do remarkably well. From my initial Everlane days, my style has had clear shifts to incorporate more tailoring, structure and hints of masculine/boyish touches. I thought I would do a video + blog post featuring my 5 top Everlane purchases and things that are worth trying out if you’re in love with the brand like I am.

Top 5 Favourite Purchases

1.Slim Wool Pant

I’ve been looking for a pair of black cigarette trousers for the longest time. I really wanted a pair made of wool and this one fits the bill perfectly. I loved that it was a slim fit but didn’t look too much like a legging or tight. I like the sturdiness of the material which was also lightweight enough to wear all year around (except potentially the warmest Summer days). Everything about these scream Parisian wardrobe to me and I have not looked back since purchasing these. If I was to fault them, I would say the waist band is ever so slightly large and the leg width is ever too slightly narrow. But all in all, these are a great pant and I would not hesitate to recommend them.

2. GoWeave Easy Pant

I got these in a Khaki colour and they’re gorgeous. These have a beautiful drape to them and is a slightly lighter fabric than the Slim Wool Pant. The leg width is wider and it’s slightly cropped. These have an elastic waist band making them very comfortable and easy to throw on. The crisp fold at the centre of the leg looks very polished and is a detail I really appreciate. These look so flattering on that my mum ordered a pair in black for herself! For the price, I haven’t managed to find 100% wool pants anywhere else.

3. Double Lined V-neck silk cami

Everlane and their silk. Need I say more about this one?

It’s a beautiful sueded silk and feels very thick, sturdy and luxurious to the touch (click here for detailed review). It’s double lined and a wonderful summer staple. Only thing is that I had to get the straps taken up as they came way too long and Everlane has removed the adjustable straps that they used to do. But otherwise, I think this is a summer wardrobe staple and one I really love reaching for.

4. Drape Trench Coat

To date, this is one of the best cost per wear items I have from Everlane. I wore this every single day while on a European holiday and it was the only jacket I brought with me. I like the long length on me (160 cm, 5’3) and all the classic details. The colour is perfect, it’s double breasted with all the traditional details and touches of a trench coat. I love that it’s 100% cotton and yet very waterproof. It’s functional, it looks beautiful on and I have no complaints. (But if you’re any shorter than me, you might find that the smallest size is super long- sleeve + length wise.)

5. Wide Leg Crop Pants

I’ve reviewed these in the past and I still love them just as much as I did in that post. A lot of reviews mentioned that these are more suited to taller girls. I’ve found that even on my fairly petite frame, they are very flattering. I did have to get them tailored and cut a good 10 cm off the hem. Because they are so high rise, I find they do look very flattering and really draw me in at the waist line. I would not hesitate to purchase this style of pant again in the future and I think the key is tailoring them to get the right length.

These 5 Everlane items are my favourite as they are just beautifully made. I’m so happy with the quality of the materials and I find the cuts very flattering. Hopefully the video gives you a better feeling for how they look on!