Tread by Everlane | First Impressions of the Sustainable Sneaker

Tread by Everlane Sneaker Review
Tread by Everlane Sneaker Review

I’ve been wearing the TREAD BY EVERLANE SNEAKERS for the last few days and here’s my first impressions of the new sustainable sneakers from Everlane. I frequently wear sneakers and my go-to in the past have been Veja sneakers in this style HERE. I love a good pair of sneakers and especially so when they’re sustainably made. Of course, these are so new I can’t offer insights into how these EVERLANE SNEAKERS will wear (which is also part of how sustainable they will be) but just some thoughts on design, look and styling.

Tread by Everlane Sneaker Review

“A new kind of sneaker brand. On the path to zero impact.”

If you want to know more about the whole mission behind these shoes, head to their website to find out more.


On the website, Everlane recommends customers to size up if you’re in between sizes. I am normally an Everlane 7.5 (as per size chart) and I went for the size 8 and they fit perfectly. I have wide feet and would definitely recommend taking a half size up as they feel quite snug even with the half size up. See size chart for more info.


This for me is the most essential part when it comes to looking for a sneaker as they are my ‘life’ shoes I wear to run errands, go out for walks, have ‘nature’ days in the sun and more. As much as I love my Veja shoes mentioned before, they do leave me wishing my sneaker had a bit more support in the sole. These EVERLANE SNEAKERS feel very comfortable and supportive on. The sole is chunky with a good amount of cushioning and after wearing them for the first time (and doing a lot of walking through the botanic gardens here in Sydney), I can report back and say they were comfortable for hours from the very first wear.


In terms of the construction, they feel well made and sturdy. I can’t imagine them falling apart easily which is always a good first sign. The shoes are made from leather at Saigon TanTec, a tannery with gold star rating due to having smarter buildings for employee comfort, using less energy and water. The rubber sole is 94.2% free from virgin plastic. Without going into this too much as there is plenty of information on the website, these sneakers definitely feel quite premium and high quality especially with the $98 price tag. From just seeing them and wearing them, I am happy with the quality and feel.


They are chunky and have a slightly retro aesthetic. I’m definitely one to prefer chunky sneakers over more streamlined ones, just as I find them to be more elongating and flattering on the leg.

For this post, I styled them in a very classic way just with some white denim. However, I can also see myself wearing these with more feminine dresses and skirts for a different aesthetic and look. The shoes feel minimal and therefore quite timeless which is always a good thing in my books.

A Mini Sneakers Lookbook

Tread by Everlane Sneaker Review
Tread by Everlane Sneaker Review

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