Favourite T-Shirt

what's the best quality t-shirt?, COS, Uniqlo

I love a good t-shirt and Uniqlo and COS t-shirts are amongst some of the best t-shirts out there in terms of quality and fit. I did an entire video recently styling some different t-shirts in casual and dressy looks and it inspired me to share some of the best t-shirts out.

I tend to categorise my t-shirts into two categories: slinky and drapes well or thick and durable. Now, there’s no better or worse as they tend to give very different looks. My top pick for the thick cotton tee are Uniqlo U t-shirts which are seriously dreamy and good value for money. They look very neat and clean on whilst being appropriate for slightly (note the slightly) more dressy looks. I have gotten away with wearing the black Uniqlo U tee for work (the one in the video) whilst looking very polished in my opinion. I tuck it into a black pencil skirt for a minimal black look and throw a black work blazer over the top. Business, but still comfortable, and is a cheat for those days where a shirt is just too much to fuss with.

Otherwise, my COS ‘wide v-neck t-shirt’ wins the game for being the best lightweight slinky tee out. It’s a flattering oversized fit with a low v neck that looks very effortless on. This one leans casual to me and that’s how I’ll always prefer it. Perfect for lazy weekends and is the kind of shirt I would love to live in all day long. This is 100% cotton, as it should be, and is very breathable and comfortable even in the hottest of summer days here in Australia.

And on a side note, I’ve fallen head over heels for the Rouje Skirt featured in these videos. Think asymmetrical hem line, ruffle details and ruching to hide the worse of food babies. It was a pricey one, but one I’ve already worn to death in the short time I’ve had it. I promise you, you’ll be seeing plenty of this.

So here’s me trying to keep up with YouTube, Blogging, Instagram, a full time job and part time University. I’m definitely 100% more active on YouTube and Instagram so please keep in touch with me on those platforms as I share more style content.

See you all soon! x