Uniqlo Must Have Items || Women’s Uniqlo Guide

While my boyfriend swears by Uniqlo, I’ve always browsed through their items without the urge to pick anything up… until recently. I assumed that Uniqlo’s items wouldn’t match the quality of basics I already own in my collection (and let’s face it- there’s a lot of that). Other than a few videos and reddit forums, there really wasn’t much talking about Uniqlo’s must have items. I’m going to share some of my Uniqlo must have items and an overall guide for women looking to pick up some wardrobe staples.

For a more detailed look at how the items fit on and styling tips, watch my video here.

Uniqlo Must Haves
1. Oversized High Neck Short Sleeve Tee

While their Supima cotton t-shirts are very popular and for good reason, I much prefer the fit of this oversized high neck tee. It’s 100% cotton, nice and thick like the Supima tees but with an effortless fit that’s actually very hard to come by. The high neck with the collar detail makes the t-shirt a little more unique than your stock standard tee and the loose fit through the body looks great tucked into skirts/pants or just left out as it is. (shown on in picture)

I personally don’t like fitted t-shirts as they make the hip area look awkward especially on my body shape which is somewhat pear. This is an affordable pick at 14.90 AUD.

2. Supima Cotton T-shirt in V neck

While the crew neck is a decent pick, the feminine and elegant style of the v-neck really is a winner. These come in all the basic colours, is very soft and luxurious feeling and a very good pick for the price.

3. Midi Skirts

I love a good midi skirt but they are hard to come by in conservative colours and styles. While Zara/Topshop have pleated skirts in crazy prints, Uniqlo is a great place to find midi skirts in block colours and simple styles. I feature this one (High Waist Ribbon Frill Skirt) in the video and it’s the one I’m wearing in the photos. While I got mine on sale, I would still recommend it at full price. The waist is very flattering and the ruffle at the bottom adds a nice detail to elevate the skirt that notch.

4. High Rise Drape Flare Shorts

Once again, like the skirts, I love that Uniqlo drape shorts are a reasonable length and not the mini length that most stores are selling. While this is a polyester item, I must say their items do drape quite nicely and fit really well. For 39.90, I got a staple pair of black drape shorts that look great in a summer wardrobe.

5. Cashmere/Merino Wool

I’ve been content with Uniqlo’s cashmere in the past (review here). It’s good for the price despite it being a little less luxurious than it’s Everlane and Grana competitors. That being said, my main issue with it is the fit. So, if you like the fit, the quality of the cashmere is still very nice. The Merino wool is a lovely fabric that Uniqlo does for lighter layers. However, I found that their Lambswool range is a lot more itchy feeling. The thicker material is very warm but I try to avoid lambswool in high neck styles or styles that directly touch my skin due to the itchiness.

Other Mentions: (Not in Video)
Black Pants

While I got a pair of black pants (that are no longer sold) which attracted dust like no other, they do have some beautiful styles available. The great thing about buying simple black pants at Uniqlo is that you can get them tailored to fit you perfectly in store for free if you spend over an amount that is very easy to reach (29.90 in Australia). I saw a wool blend pair that I have my eyes on for next winter as they truly look lovely.


Uniqlo heat tech is a definite favourite of mine and I can’t believe I forgot to review mine in the video. I have the long sleeve crew neck t-shirt in black. It kept me quite warm when I was travelling in Japan and a definite must have in colder climates. They have a whole range of items from leggings to turtlenecks and camisoles.


They do pretty great undergarments in a variety of styles/colours (link) for a very reasonable price. Almost everything is cotton and I do stock up every time there is a sale. I have some of their briefs and I’m looking to pick up some of their bras/sleepwear and socks. Their large range is the selling point here as well as the nice materials.

Final Thoughts

This is my recommendation of Uniqlo ‘must have’ items. I generally find them to be a good place to shop for cheap basics. They are lacking in the luxurious silk that Everlane/Grana are famous for but have a lot of nice cotton/cashmere and synthetic fibres in very classic cuts. I never hesitate to stop in when I’m looking to replace a worn out wardrobe staple.