Wardrobe Staples: Grana Silk Halter Neck Cami Review


The Grana Halter Neck Camisole is perhaps my favourite item from Grana yet! When I received it two weeks ago, it was underwhelming on first sight. But don’t judge a book by it’s cover- or in this case, first impressions. It’s proved to be such a versatile little number in my wardrobe and I cannot wait to get more wears out of it this upcoming summer.

General Thoughts

This Grana silk halter neck camisole is similar to their culottes or bomber and is a satin feeling silk rather than that sueded silk. As seen in previous reviews of Grana (click here and here), their silk drapes in a beautiful way and is thin but durable. This makes it perfect for the summer months.

I went for the XXS and it’s kinda the right size. While the straps are perfect in length (unlike Everlane’s silk cami), the body is a teeny tiny bit fitted. However, I knew the XS would make the straps a little too long on my frame. For reference, I’m 160cm or 5’3 and a size US2, AU 6. I generally like Grana’s fit and sizes as Everlane is often a little more suited to taller girls.

The Halter Neck Style

While halter necks are definitely a love or hate, I personally love the dainty little straps. I personally think the dainty straps are very flattering and cute. But depending on your body shape- this may or may not be your cup of tea. I like that it covers up a bit more than your typical silk cami which is a definite selling point for me. I don’t like fidgeting with camisoles to make sure they’re not slipping and sliding around. You really don’t have that problem with this cute little cami.

Grana has four different colours. I have my eyes on the grey as that looks very beautiful for summer months.

How I Style the Cami

I wore it in the photos with Grana’s culottes and silk bomber ( This isn’t sponsored: just a coincidence given my whole wardrobe is either Everlane or Grana :)). I felt so simple and glam with the luxurious silk on. Not to mention every time you take a step, everything drapes and flows so well. This really does give me a boost of confidence and I really do love this outfit. It’s one of my favourites in a long time.

If you’re interested in purchasing this Cami, here is a 10% discount code for first time Grana customers. This is a referral link but this review is not sponsored in any way!