Wardrobe Updates: Frills and Dresses

Way too many days have I just gone for jeans and denim when I’m lost on what to wear and style. If you’re keeping up with me on Instagram, you’ve most likely seen the many many printed dresses that I’ve opted for instead of jeans. I mean, if you think about it, it is so simple to slip into a dress. The black one with hearts is probably one of my favourites lately. I’ve just been so happy with my wardrobe lately that I thought I would do a series of wardrobe updates.

Even though my Instagram features a collection of pretty dresses, in real life, I’m either dressed like a Uni student living on no sleep in a hoodie, or I’m going shopping in a super frilly dress. There is no in-between. So while these dresses might not be for everyday, I definitely whip them out a couple of times a week.

Either way, loving and really feeling the prints/frills/patterns that are out there on ASOS and Zara and all the high street shops. These dresses are actually the perfect way to shake up your wardrobe. Read here for some of my tips and tricks to freshen up your closet. If you’re incredibly sick of your wardrobe (like past me) then maybe a shakeup is needed. Stop wearing things you don’t love and do a wardrobe clean out. It is so nice to love the things in your closet and enjoy getting ready in the morning again!


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