What I packed in my Carry-on: Fashion + Beauty

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I’m about to jet set off to Japan in 24 hours and I’ve just started packing. As someone who’s done quite a bit of travelling, I’ve managed to cut down my packing by quite a proportion too! While I don’t like to stick to numbers, the 10×10 challenge (read about it here) is really one of the best things to do on a trip to minimise the weight of your luggage. Anything shorter than two weeks, I normally can handle in a carry on suitcase. So why not ditch the heavy luggage for your next trip and try out this challenge.

I went for some more dressy items on the whole because I knew I wouldn’t be doing anything too vigorous. We wanted to see the Cherry Blossoms but also to take it easy and relax on this trip. My colour palette was fairly neutral with lots of white, denim, grey and pops of red. Pops of colour pretty much sums me up so this is in essence a ‘very me’ travel set.

In my video, I didn’t talk too much about the 10×10 challenge but it’s in essence what I’m doing. I brought:

  • 2 x Bottoms
  • 3 x Tops
  • 1 x Sweater
  • 1 x Outerwear
  • 1 x Shoes
  • With 2 more options as I know I will be doing a bit of shopping in Japan

In my beauty case, I went for natural, quick to put on makeup as well as lots of travel samples. Some stars of the show for me include:

In the past, I did a blog post featuring a minimal capsule to bring while in Japan. If you would like to see more detail, click here. Anyway, whether you’re doing a long or short trip, I highly recommend that you try and downsize next time! I feel very excited about living out of this little suitcase and can’t wait to share my Japan content with you guys in a few days!

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