What to do at The Entrance/Long Jetty when you have one day! (Travel Diary)

What to do at The Entrance and Long Jetty if you’re on time constraint? Keep reading!

After a lengthy Europe trip, my boyfriend and I spent the weekend catching up with each other on a mini roadtrip to The Entrance. We made the most of 36 hours and it was such a relaxing break from Sydney life and stress.

This will be a mini guide of sorts as to what you can do, food recommendations and visual gold.

What to do around the area !

The main thing that drew me there was wanting to see the three jetties at Long Jetty! I got a recommendation from a friend and it did not disappoint. The sun was shinning, the water a deep blue and the scene perfectly picturesque. We walked, stopped for photos, sat on the edge of the jetty and enjoyed some quiet time. Long Jetty is really a quiet spot- there were a few tourists around but nothing crazy which is good if you’re looking for a private and super chill break.

Long Jetty

This was incredibly beautiful. There are three jetties stretching out over the Tuggerah lake and is walking distance from The Entrance. Underrated when compared to the popular tourist spot of The Entrance but is one of the most beautiful things we saw on this little trip. Sit on the jetty by the water and relax under the sun!

The Entrance

At the Entrance, we definitely wanted to spend some time by the water and at the beach despite it being Winter here in Australia. One of the great things about winter beach trips is that it’s really quiet, peaceful and cheap (hotel wise).

Our priorities were:

This occurs at 3:30 everyday and is one of the main attractions of The Entrance. It is quite the sight as the Pelicans get quite close. I was very surprised to see how large these birds are- definitely worth seeing!

Outside Oceanfront motel at Blue Bay, there is a beautiful beach that is nice and quiet especially during July/August in Australia. It was surprisingly warm the day we went and it was a magical experience getting the beach to ourselves for the morning. Beautiful, clean and peaceful!

This stole the show! We got to the lighthouse just before sunset (unplanned) and saw the sky change from blue- to pink- to orange. There is a very short walking track that leads to a rock platform that overlooks the ocean. Standing on the rocks and watching the sun set was a great way to end our day.

Where to stay and eat!

We stayed at the Ocean Front Motel at Blue Bay which I would highly recommend. Because it is winter season, we got such a good deal on accomodation and couldn’t be happier with the room, the view and the service of the nice lady at the reception. Not to mention, for a oceanfront view, the price was damn good!

Keep in mind that it is a quiet town at nights once all the visitors and tourists have gone home. Getting dinner on a Sunday night wasn’t the easiest but there are a few stores open.

Places we ate at during the stay:

  • Bang Rak Thai (dinner)
  • Cold Rock Icecream
  • The Burrow Coffee House (Breakfast or Brunch)
  • Big Tuna Fish Co

We stopped at Bang Rak Thai which was wonderful. Really great food and affordable prices. We ordered the Thai Beef salad and the spicy noodle which was plenty for two people. Big Tuna Fish Co had amazing and really fresh seafood. We were craving fish and chips and got a whole set with calamari and prawns. Β Also stopped for Icecream (twice) πŸ™‚ and thought the best one was ColdRock at The Entrance.Β The Burrow Coffee House was very cute for brunch. Such cute decor and felt very homey πŸ™‚ All of these I would highly recommend checking out if you’re looking for food around The Entrance.

Two beautiful places in NSW and would highly recommend driving out on a weekend for a peaceful break away!



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5 years ago

Looks beautiful Helen! That first photo of you and the sunset is amazing! x